Difference Between Gravitational Force and Magnetic Force

From the name Gravitational force and Magnetic force you can guess its meaning, right?

And probably you might have understood the definition for the same.

But, what is the difference between Gravitational force and Magnetic force?

Here’s a quick look on the difference between these two forces:

Sr No.Gravitational ForceMagnetic Force
1.Every object in the universe, whether small or large, exerts a force on every other object. This force is known as Gravitational force.An attractive or repulsive force between the poles of a magnet is known as Magnetic force.
2.Gravitational force acts on any object that has mass.Magnetic force acts on any object that is charged or having iron.
3.Gravitational force is weaker.Magnetic force is stronger.
4.Gravitational force can only attract objects.Magnetic force can attract as well as repel objects.
5.Example of gravitational force: A ball thrown up in air comes down automatically.Example of magnetic force: Force between two magnets.

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