What is The Difference Between Balanced and Unbalanced Forces?

From the name Balanced force and Unbalanced force you can guess its meaning, right?

And probably you might have understood the definition for the same.

But, what is the difference between Balanced force and Unbalanced force?

Here’s a quick look on the difference between these two forces:

Sr No.Balanced ForcesUnbalanced Forces
1.Balanced forces are having the same magnitude.Unbalanced forces are having a different magnitude.
2.Balanced forces are having the opposite directions.Unbalanced forces are having the same or different directions.
3.If the forces are balanced, an object will not change its state of motion.If the forces are unbalanced, the body will change its state of motion.
4.Object at rest, stays at rest.Object at rest, moves in the direction of force applied.
5.Object in motion, stays in motion with same speed and same direction.Object in motion, changes its speed and direction.
6.Net force acting on an object is zero.Net force acting on an object is not zero.
7.There is no acceleration of an object.There is acceleration of an object.
8.Example of balanced force:  Book lying on a table.Example of unbalanced force:  Pushing a heavy box.

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